Tasi Autele

Chief Executive Officer, Majesty Management Group

Tasi Autele is the founder and CEO of Majesty Entertainment with his primary responsibilities focused on business development and the long-term strategic vision of the company. Tasi comes from a musical and entertainment based family, which spiked his interest at an early age as he began his production career in college by hosting campus concerts and events.

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In conjunction with his corporate career as a financial analysis executive in the gaming industry, Majesty Entertainment was formed in 2001 and began their foray into the Las Vegas market producing independent nightclub events highlighting multiple world renowned DJ’s and private corporate events. The company has evolved into primarily a concert production company with events produced across the continental US and Hawaii. The group’s internal plan continues to be producing successful concerts and events, and when applicable to provide unmatched consulting services for our corporate and gaming partners in an effort to drive incremental profits to their bottom lines.

Today, in addition to his entertainment interests, Tasi is also the CEO of Majesty Management Group, which manages the company’s portfolio of strategic business acquisitions in various sectors as well as operates the financial analysis consulting and gaming divisions.

Tasi earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Business Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Jim Freehauf

Chief Operating Officer, Majesty Management Group

Jim Freehauf is the Chief Operating Officer of Majesty Management Group and manages the operating results of Majesty Entertainment. Jim’s primary responsibilities are to ensure that each concert or event is economically feasible and accretive for the company or our consulting partners. In addition, with Jim’s extensive knowledge of the music industry and their respective genres, he also works closely with the talent booking team to ensure that each artist selection is properly positioned for the applicable event.

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Jim has an extensive and celebrated background in the gaming industry and is regarded as one of the industry’s top financial and operations analysis executives. With his extensive skill-sets and bandwidth, he has predominately been responsible for analyzing a property’s overall performance, managing divisions ranging from hotel, food & beverage, gaming, entertainment and facilities. More importantly, his career has flourished within the ranks of the gaming industry’s heavyweights as he has worked for Park Place Entertainment, which was then merged into Caesars Entertainment, and MGM Resorts properties.

Today, in addition to Jim’s entertainment responsibilities, he also is responsible for managing Majesty Management Groups complete portfolio of companies and analyzing all future opportunities and acquisitions.

Jim earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Management from Penn State University.


Chris Cosenza

Strategic Advisor, Majesty Entertainment

Chris Cosenza is the Strategic Advisor for Majesty Entertainment and focused primarily on talent booking, event planning, marketing, promotions and contract negotiations. Chris has an array of solid relationships within the industry, and more importantly on the talent agency side of the business, which has proven vital for the company’s success and long-term viability.

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Today, in addition to his work of passion with Majesty Entertainment, Chris serves as the Director of Entertainment & Marketing for Ameristar Casinos, in which he manages eight entertainment venues and has booked over six hundred national headliner acts and club dates. He was also an integral operator in the property’s launch of the HOME nightclub in St. Louis, which hosted regular events with the likes of Pitbull, Nelly, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and many more.

Chris earned his Bachelor’s in Finance from Boston College, and earned an MBA from Northeastern University.